Did you know that if you don’t see a doctor, you’re not sick?

A lot of disability applicants are frustrated because they know they are sick, but Social Security turns them down anyway. What you need to know is that there is a fundamental difference between the truth and the proof. You know you are sick. You feel miserable and cannot work. But can you prove it?

The number one way to prove you are too sick to work is by having it show up in your medical records.

Imagine you are on a jury. Imagine someone is asking you to issue a verdict paying them $100,000 for injuries they suffered in a car accident. But also imagine that this person never went to the doctor. They look miserable. They tell you a good story about how hurt they were. But there are no medical records. As a juror, you would probably be thinking, “If she didn’t go to the doctor, she must not have been hurt all that bad.”

Social Security will think the same thing about you if you do not go to the doctor and if your sickness does not show up in medical records.

Many people have a lot of questions about how to get on disability. Very often, the answer to their questions is: if you can’t work, go to the doctor.

This raises a frustrating problem: how can someone who can’t work afford to go to the doctor? Consider applying for Indiana Medicaid. Also, there are free and low income clinics in the South Bend and Elkhart areas, physician volunteer networks, and sliding scale fee providers.

Someone once noted, “The Lord helps those who help themselves.” In Social Security world, that often proves true. Do everything you can to establish a relationship with your doctors. Visit our information page here for more information about free or low cost health clinics in the South Bend and Elkhart areas.