Susan Parkman

Social Security Coordinator

Susan Parkman

Social Security Coordinator
  • Distinctive insight into how Social Security works
  • Social Security benefit expertise
  • More than 19 years' experience inside the Social Security Administration
  • Former Social Security operations supervisor

Susan Parkman has 19 years of experience as a claims representative and operations supervisor for the Social Security Administration. 

Susan’s experience with the Social Security Administration provides a unique advantage to our attorneys and our clients. Her special skills provide:

  • Insight into the internal operations of the Social Security Administration

  • Expertise on how Social Security benefits are calculated and paid

  • The resources to find out where your claim stands in the Social Security bureaucracy

  • The ability to recognize Social Security errors and be sure that they are corrected.  

Susan will review your Social Security benefit award to ensure you receive all the benefits that are due to you.

Susan enjoys helping our clients understand what is happening with their Social Security applications and will be happy to answer your questions when you call.